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    Results of the Nominations for 2016 2017 USASA Nationals


    Sweepstakes - Tim Preston, Illinois

    Dogs, Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, Brace - Nannette L. Newbury, California

    Bitches - Sheila Polk, California

    BOB & Juniors - Sheree W. Moses, West Virginia


    Sweepstakes - Heather Moyer, Ohio

    Dogs, Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, Brace - Joan Luna Liebes, Texas

    Bitches - Danelle M. Brown, Texas

    BOB & Juniors - Janet Turnage Nahikian, Michigan

  • 2016 Futurity Rules and Forms

    Due to the late posting of the 2016 Futurity Forms, litter nomination for litters born October 1- November 15th have until December 31st to be nominated with no penalty.

  • There will be an entry fee of $25.00 for the Most Versatile Aussie Conformation Evaluation at future National Specialties, since this class is a requirement to qualify for the MVA Award. This fee was approved by the USASA Board of Officers and Directors at their meeting on Monday, July 28, 2014.

  • Conformation:

    Best of Breed- Chris Walkowicz

    Dogs- Gail Karamalegos

    Bitches- Allen Odom  

    Jr Showmanship- Chris Walkoxicz

    Sweeps- Kerry Kirtley

    Most Versatile- Kerry Kirtley

    Obedience and Rally

    Louise Botko

    Suzi Bluford


    Marti Parrish

    Rick Hadin


    Cynthia Blaton

    Dale Mahoney






  • The updated HOF/ROM Lists have been added to the Awards Program. They will be updated regularly. Members should email any corrections to






    Progress of Breed Separation


    The USASA Board of Directors is pleased to report to USASA members and the Australian Shepherd fancy that the process of separating the Miniature American Shepherd from the USASA stud book has gone well. 


    ·       ILP/PAL dogs are no longer an issue, because a) all dogs competing as Aussies, but under the Aussie preferred height minimums have been re-classified as Miniature American Shepherds and b) the same is being done to new ILP/PAL registrants. 

    ·       Registered Miniature American Shepherds (formerly Miniature Australian Shepherds) in the USASA stud book have moved to the proper registry in significant numbers.  There may be a small number of hold-outs, but it is felt they will move once it is clear there will be deadlines for moving to the new breed and for being able to breed to Aussies.  (See list of deadlines below.)

    ·       The complaints about “minis” competing as Aussies have dwindled to virtually nothing.


    The Miniature American Shepherd has been given full recognition by the AKC Board of Directors.  It will join the Herding Group on July 1st, 2015.


    Important Breed Separation Deadlines for Australian Shepherds


    The following deadlines are in effect for Australian Shepherds.  These will complete the process of breed separation:


    ·       If you own a Miniature American Shepherd, but it is registered with AKC as an Aussie, you must switch registrations to the new breed by December 31st, 2014.  After that, switching to the new breed will not be an option.

    ·       If you own an AKC registered Aussie that you feel should more properly be a Miniature American Shepherd, you must switch registrations to the new breed by December 31st, 2014.  After that, switching to the new breed will not be an option.

    ·       If you breed an AKC Australian Shepherd to a Miniature American Shepherd (aka “outcrossing”), be aware that the litter must be whelped by December 31st, 2014 or it will not be eligible for registration as a Miniature American Shepherd.  Such litters must be registered before February 1st, 2015.

    There are other deadlines relating to Miniature American Shepherds.  Information may be obtained at the Miniature American Shepherd Club of America (MASCUSA) website:


    For questions regarding Australian Shepherds, contact Stevens Parr, Chair – USASA MAS Committee.  Email:, phone: 860-535-8222

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