United States
Australian Shepherd Association

United States
Australian Shepherd Association

Code of Ethics

Revised Jan. 2006


The members of the United States Australian Shepherd Association, in order to protect, promote and foster the advancement and proper breeding and exhibiting of the Australian Shepherd, as well as ethical kennel practices, do hereby set forth this code of ethics. In all questions of ethics, covered or not covered by this code, the individual member shall act solely in the best interests of the breed, and the membership as a whole shall willingly aid any Australian Shepherd owner in upholding these interests.


Members will not breed a dog or bitch which has hereditary defects or serious or disqualifying faults listed in the adopted AKC breed standard that adversely affect the overall soundness or working ability.
  1. Members shall not use any dog or bitch for breeding until documented by licensed veterinarians /ophthalmologists to be free of both hip dysplasia and hereditary eye defects.
  2. Members shall use only dogs for breeding which are temperamentally sound, refraining from the use of animals which display vicious propensities and/or extreme shyness.
  3. Members shall not use bitches for breeding unless and until they attain their second season or are eighteen months of age. A normal bitch (i.e. having a six month cycle) should not be bred more than 2 out of 3 consecutive seasons unless so directed by a licensed veterinarian.
  4. It is strongly advised that a written agreement be established between the owners of the stud dog and the brood bitch, stating the exact conditions of the breeding.
  5. Members will not agree to or purposefully breed any Australian Shepherd to non-registered Australian Shepherds, dogs of other breeds or mixed breeds.


All Australian Shepherds shall be sold in good condition and health at the time of release.
  1. Each puppy/dog sold will be, to the best of the seller’s knowledge, free of parasites and will have had adequate immunizations for its age. 1. A record will be furnished with each dog sold which states the dates and types of immunizations given and information on further necessary immunizations, as well as including the dates of fecal checks and worming medications. 2. It is strongly advised that written instructions be provided to the buyer on the feeding, health, training, and grooming needs for the proper care of the puppy/ dog.
  2. Members will not sell or consign or donate dogs to commercial dog wholesalers, retailers (pet shops) laboratories or raffles, except as approved by the Board on application.
  3. Members will maintain high standards of health and care for their dogs.
  4. All advertising shall be of an honest and forthright nature and will not in any way be misleading.
  5. The price of a puppy/dog should be reasonable and dependent on the quality of the animal.
  6. Members agree to give each buyer a pedigree of at least four generations.
  7. Members will not release puppies from their litter until they reach at least six weeks or age, preferably seven, or a minimum age of 8 weeks old if required by law.
  8. When the puppy/dog is sold the issuance of registration and pedigree is then a matter of agreement between seller and buyer, but a signed statement showing the terms of sale must be held by both parties.

General Conduct of Members:

  1. Members shall be aware at all times the United States Australian Shepherd Association exists to improve and protect the breed and that these aims are to be uppermost in the minds of the members in all of their activities within the breed.
  2. No member shall: (1.) Knowingly falsify pedigree or breeding information. (2.) Sell to unethical breeders or persons whose intention to resell the dog is known or suspected. (3.) Maliciously degrade another member’s Australian Shepherd or Kennel.
  3. Members shall: (1.) Make every effort to educate any new owner or interested person, and to be both instructive and constructive in their comments. (2.) Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. (3.) Always behave in a manner that will be conducive to the advancement of our breed and the United States Australian Shepherd Association. (4.) Whether in competition or a working situation, the welfare of the dog should be foremost.

Enforcement and Discipline:

  1. It is the responsibility of each member to make an inquiry concerning suspected violation of this Code of Ethics. Should such a violation appear to exist, the Board of Directors should be notified and action may be taken in accordance with Article Vl, Section 2 of the Constitution and By-laws of the United States Australian Shepherd Association.