United States
Australian Shepherd Association

United States
Australian Shepherd Association

USASA Membership

Membership Chair(s)

Betty Harrill

Joining USASA

Whether you are an active exhibitor, breeder or pet owner, becoming a club member means becoming part of the parent club and supporting its goals of promoting, preserving, and protecting the Australian Shepherd.

Benefits of USASA Membership:

  • You automatically receive the award-winning USASA magazine, The Journal, with articles on many subjects including, behavior, show and trial statistics, club activities, great photos and more!
  • You automatically receive the monthly USASA Newsletter with timely information on club activities, legislative alerts, AKC news and other issues.
  • Only USASA members are eligible for Year-End Awards, Junior Awards, and the Record of Merit and Hall of Fame recognition programs.
  • Only USASA members are eligible for annual H&G screening tests at reduced prices.
  • Only USASA members are eligible to vote for judges for the USASA National Specialties.
  • Only USASA members are entitled to vote for Officers and Board members of the club. Members also vote on other issues affecting the club.

Responsibilities of USASA Membership: 

Membership in USASA is open to persons who subscribe to the purposes of the club and are in good standing with the American Kennel Club. Members agree to abide by the USASA Constitution and By-laws and the USASA Code of Ethics.

Click here for the USASA Constitution & By-laws which contain more details on member eligibility.

Click here for the USASA Code of Ethics.

Membership Application – New Members

If you wish to apply by mail, click here to print a USASA Membership Application Form. This Form must be completed and mailed to the USASA Membership Chair along with a check or money order for your membership dues payable to USASA in U.S. funds.

Every new member’s name must be published in the newsletter and will go into effect for earning year-end award points, or USASA discounts,  30 days after publication. 

Member applications are accepted subject to the approval of the membership and the Board of Directors of USASA. The Board review process for applicants whose membership has been protested in writing, referred to in Article 1, Section 3 of the USASA Bylaws, will include notification of the applicant as to the nature of the complaint and the identity of the complainant. Applicants will be given 30 days from the date of notification by the USASA Board to refute the complaint, at which time all information will be reviewed and the vote, as prescribed in the Bylaws, will be taken. The applicant and the protesting club member will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision. If not approved there is no obligation on the part of the Association to disclose the reasons for its decision. Your signature on the application (digital or hand written) signifies that you understand and agree to the above statement.

Membership Renewal

Each year USASA members receive a membership renewal postcard for the upcoming year. Members may renew by either returning the postcard with a check or money order for membership dues to the Membership Chair, or renew membership online with payment through PayPal. Please note: Membership renewals received after April 1st must be accompanied by a Membership Application Form. This means members who have not renewed membership by the April 1st deadline are treated as new member applicants and must follow the new member application rules including notification of their new application in the USASA Newsletter.