United States
Australian Shepherd Association

United States
Australian Shepherd Association

USASA - Current Open Positions

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Please submit resumes to: secretary@australianshepherds.org

Role Reports to: USASA Journal Editor

Time Commitment: Primarily April – October each year

Method of Selection: Application

Deadline to Apply: March 1, 2024

Meetings: As requested from the USASA Journal Editor and the USASA Board

Equipment needed: Broadband Internet Service; Email, Computer, Paper Cutter/Trimmer

Skills required: Organization, Timeliness, Ability to meet and keep deadlines, Dependability, Email/Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word. An eye for detail in relation to spelling and titles is a must. Familiarity with mail/merge a must. Experience with Adobe a plus.

Current membership required: Yes, must be current member to serve as the USASA Year End Awards Chair

Tasks required: A Special Feature in the USASA Journal September/October issue, features photos of the #1 dogs in each class of each sport. In addition to the photo spread, they are also presented with a nice plaque, which you will order online and mail to the recipients. Places 2 through 10 in each class of each sport, will receive a nice certificate. You must create a database that can be merged into award certificates using MSWord or Excel, and mail them. Detail of tasks below:

Plaques – 1st place award winners

Collect all First-Place dogs from each category in the Aussie Stats section of the March/April Journal. These will be the first-place plaque recipients. Email reminder to submit photo for Journal publication to all first-place winners as often as necessary.

Determine the competitor/primary owner of each dog in the First-Place list. The competitor, not the breeder/co-owners receive the plaque. The Journal editor can/will ensure copies of each sport’s AKC 6 bimonthly databases are sent to the Awards Chair. The editors for the Standings ensure that at least one co-owner is a member, or else the dog is not listed. So as long as one of the co-owners is a member, the dog is considered member-owned and eligible for the award. The competitor’s address will be listed first in the AKC Excel spreadsheet for each sport with their address.

Use only USPS to create an address book via USPS Click & Ship with names/addresses (this will cost upwards of $600, but will be reimbursed).

Order padded Priority Mail envelopes from USPS (this is a free service) – enough envelopes for each plaque. The envelopes will hold two plaques and will ship for the same price.

Use Mail Merge function to format First Place Award notification letters.

Print and mail letters with reminder to submit photo for first-place Winner.

Confirm correct spelling of all dog/owner names.

Confirm accuracy of all dog titles (this can be done using the Free Dog Lookup on the AKC site)

Contact plaque company, submit order; have invoice sent to USASA Treasurer

Confirm correct spelling/awards on the project proofing sheet.

Triple check spelling and accuracy of titles.

When plaques arrive, use Click & Ship to create labels, and ship plaques.

Certificates – Top 10 award winners

Collect all #2-10 ranked dogs from each category in the Aussie Stats section of the March/April Journal. These will be the top ten certificate recipients.

Input the appropriate information into the USASA Certificate form.

Use member database to acquire addresses of competitor/primary owners

if primary owner is not a USASA member, request contact information from either a co-owner or the dog’s breeder—whoever is a USASA member, see #2 in Plaques above.

Check for spelling accuracy and confirm titles are up to date.

Print certificates on Southworth Ivory Parchment, either on home color printer or outsourcing to Office Depot/Staples/etc. Print two certificates per page; use paper cutter to cut them.

Print address labels using mail merge. Use 6” x 9” catalog envelopes with self-inking stamp for return address. You can fit up to 6 certificates in an envelope, but weigh them for extra postage.

Mail certificates.

Role Reports to: USASA Board of Officers and Directors

Time Commitment:  Full Time Position with Compensation

Method of Selection: Application

Deadline to Apply:  March 1, 2024

Meetings:  As established for Journal Staff & occasionally with the USASA Board of Directors.

Equipment needed:  Broadband internet service; Email, Computer, as well as software products listed below.

Skills required:  Organization, Timeliness, Ability to meet and keep deadlines, Dependability, Email/Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Current membership required: Yes, Editor should be a member of the United States Australian Shepherd Association and an Australian shepherd owner, active in conformation or dog sports, but it is not required for the right candidate.

Monthly Tasks required:

 Editor should have experience managing a publication process from start to finish. To include:

  • finding advertisers,
  • receiving payments for ads,
  • communicating with column writers about topics and correct photo sizes,
  • communicating with AKC Records and with the volunteers who sort the records into our titles and standings lists,
  • communicating with the printing company, electronically uploading files to the printing company and ensuring they are print ready,
  • communicating with the publication’s art director as to where the articles and ads should be placed,
  • proofreading, proofreading, proofreading!
  • focusing on deadlines and timelines


Editor should use social media to find, friend and communicate with USASA members for ads and other news regarding the Journal.

 Editor must develop a list of people who want to advertise in any given issue, keeping track of which page they request, invoicing them via PayPal, noting who paid, and sending reminders to those who have not.

An 8-page detailed report of the process for the Journal, will be made available to the candidate of choice.