United States
Australian Shepherd Association

United States
Australian Shepherd Association

Juniors Nationals Update

There are so many awesome reasons for Juniors to attend the USASA Nationals!

  • Free Entry Fees for Junior Showmanship
  • Scholarship opportunity for Best Junior (Members only)
  • Year-End Awards presented following judging of Best Junior
  • Juniors Clinic with professional handlers and experienced breeders
  • Opportunity to meet other juniors from around the country, share ideas and make new friends
  • Reduced rates for Junior banquet tickets
  • Opportunity to give back to the club by lending a helping hand throughout the week

Note: Benefits are for Junior Members of USASA ONLY

Juniors Scholarship 

In order to support the future education of the Junior Handlers who are participating in the Sport of Dogs, a $500.00 Scholarship will be offered by the United States Australian Shepherd Association (USASA) Juniors Committee to the Best Junior Handler at the annual National Specialty.

**Scholarship winners must be a current USASA Junior member. Juniors must be a member for at least one year prior to the date of Junior Showmanship competition at the National Specialty. Should the winner of Best Junior not be a current USASA Junior member, the scholarship will not be awarded that year.**
No Scholarship is offered to Reserve Best Junior Handler.

These Scholarship Certificates may be redeemed to attend an accredited, approved, post-secondary educational institution.

Attendance at an accredited, approved, post-secondary educational institution:

Upon appropriate notification including a copy of a document of registration and a point of contact at the post-secondary educational institution, the USASA Juniors Committee will disperse the scholarship money directly to the recipient’s institution of choice OR with appropriate receipts the $500.00 may be dispersed to the student directly for books, academic supplies and/or materials at the discretion of the USASA Juniors Committee.

Definitions and limitations:

  1. The recipient must redeem the Scholarship by age 21 or the monies will be forfeited and placed back into the USASA Juniors Committee.
  2. If for any reason the Junior Handler is disqualified from their win, the Scholarship will be considered void.
  3. An “accredited, approved, post-secondary educational institution” is generally considered to constitute a college or university of higher education. Each institution must be approved by the USASA Juniors Committee. Other Technical or trade schools may be considered, evaluated and approved by the USASA Juniors Committee on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Scholarships must be kept responsibly in a safe place and not lost. They are considered by the USASA Juniors Committee to have value to the person it is issued to (only) and it must be physically redeemed by the specific individual it is issued to in order to be used.