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Australian Shepherd Association

United States
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The USASA Junior Committee would like to congratulate all our USASA Juniors on completing an amazing year in 2022! We are very proud of our juniors and all the success they achieved during the year. Very best wishes to you all in 2023!
For program updates, please follow our Facebook page: USASA Juniors
Questions about our program can be directed to Ben Swanson, wbentons@umich.edu

2022 Year End

Top Overall Anja Cikara-Gocke
Top Performance Anja Cikara-Gocke
Top Showmanship Bailey Crader

Junior Top 10

Harper Bogle (Division Winner)
Ava Rawlings
Bryce Allen
Scarlet Martinez
Sawyer Johnson
Daneika Cannon
Lena Jossi

Intermediate Top 10

Anja Cikara-Gocke (Division Winner)
Evan Catterson
Savannah Michalak
Natalie Van Tassel
Ellie Cowley
Jayden Foster
Emily Jossi

Senior Top 10

Bailey Crader (Division Winner)
Nora Coddington
Samantha Stoeke
Anjali Negrete
Kady Schneider
Julie Rawls
Bradley Rhodes

Top Division Winner, Agility:  Finya Logan
Top Division Winner, FastCAT:  Anja Cikara-Gocke
Top Division Winner, Rally:  Anja Cikara-Gocke
Top Division Winner, Obedience:  Anja Cikara-Gocke

Evan Catterson
Bryson Allen
Harper Bogle
Anja Cikara-Gocke
Nora Coddington
Ava Rawlings
Bailey Crader
Kady Schneider